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From our three finalist teams (U9 LL, U11 LL, U13 Rep), our winner has been selected. Congratulations to the U13 Rep Plattsville Rage on being named the Good Deed Cups champions!

As the winners of the Good Deeds Cup our boys were invited to the Mayor’s office (along with the 2nd and 3rd place teams) to be recognized by the Mayor & our council. You can watch the video here (starting at 1:05:55)  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSCtamHCiHs

During this wonderful experience Mark (Mayor of Blandford-Blenheim) honoured one of our players, Landon Legate-May, by naming him Mayor of the day. This is the first time this honour has been bestowed upon a member of our community.

A special thank you to our judges this year!

And to the Drumbo Lions Club & Mayor Mark Peterson for their donations and extra effort to make this years cup special.

HUGE kudos & call-out to all of our teams for their amazing entries and the difference you all made in the community. The pride we feel for the difference the teams made is immeasurable. It truly embodies the spirit of Hockey – a sport that not only focuses on working hard but also on caring big! The positive impact our kids are creating is a testament to their character and the values instilled through the game. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for the 2024-25 season!

Below is a full write-up on what the U13 Rep team completed for their good deeds.  All of the team entries are then included below as well.

U13 Rep:

Their focus on being community mentors, lending a hand to those in need, and taking care of our community is truly admirable. Engaging in the Plattsville & District Minor Hockey Association's "Good Deeds Cup" has been an inspiring journey, with each team aiming to contribute a positive deed for the community.

In discussing this challenge with our boys, their enthusiasm to make a difference in our community shone through. Instead of taking on just one initiative, as is common, they decided to embark on three! One focused on supporting a family facing challenging times, another on giving back to our minor hockey association, and a third targeting the broader community.

For the family in need, the boys initiated "Holiday Helpers." Sponsoring a family for Christmas, they carefully selected gifts, and each player raised $30 to contribute to the family's pool of funds. This heartwarming effort ensures that a family of six will receive some of the gifts they want during this Christmas season.

To support our minor hockey association, the boys launched "Hockey Helpers." Crafting age-appropriate drills, they shared their expertise with our local U8 and U9 teams during their practices. The positive response was overwhelming, with one team's coach extending an open invitation for any of our boys to be guest coaches. Here are some heartening quotes from the head coaches of these teams:

“I appreciate (them) working so hard to be prepared and have a plan when they come out. The boys have all been wonderful and respectful so far, not to mention great with the kids! You should all be very proud of them. The drills they have done are simple and age appropriate too. Much appreciated!”

“Our U8LL kids had a blast with them and it was a lot of fun. They were super helpful and improved our practice for sure. We would love to have them come out again. They are welcome at our practice any time! Both my boys, could not stop talking about it on the way home. Sometimes the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact.”

As our boys reflected on how they could further help the community, "Game Day Good Deeds" was born. Each game day, the boys identify a small act of kindness to perform for our community. Some examples include: bringing a post-game snack to a younger team, cleaning up garbage in the community, helping an injured teammate carry their gear after the game, providing a gift card for coffee to another team’s coach, helping a community member hang Christmas lights and surprising parents with a cleaned car. Each act is making a lasting impact.

Furthermore, the boys have extended their gaze beyond their team to assist other teams in our association with their Good Deeds. They have generously made donations in support of many other teams' challenges, always prioritizing doing good for the community over a mere focus on winning.

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