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2021-22 Qualifications Required for Benchstaff:

To be rostered to any bench staff position for a team, the individual must first have completed:

Each team requires, at minimum, a Head Coach and a Trainer.  An additional 1-3 individuals can also be rostered, each of who could be any of: Assistant Coach, Assistant Trainer, or Manager.  Each of these roles (with the exception of Manager) requires additional certifications to those listed above.  A team roster can have at most, one Manager listed.

Here is the summary chart of the 2021-2022 Bench Staff Qualifications
Head Coach / Assistant Coach - required certifications, clinics, and resources
Trainer / Assistant Trainer - required certifications, clinics, and resources
Manager - resources

Upon completion of any course/certification, please remit your receipt to PDMHA - the cost incurred will be refunded to individuals who are rostered to any of our current teams.

Application for Head Coach positions


On Ice Volunteers:

Any on-ice volunteers must first be approved by PDMHA, as they must be registered on our volunteer list for insurance coverage.  On-ice volunteers, 18 years of age and older, will also be required to submit a Vulnerable Sector police background check to PDMHA.  Please notify the Admin Manager with the volunteer's name, date of birth, and residential address.


Exhibition Games (Not applicable for the 2020-21 season):

If a team arranges an exhibition game with another OMHA centre, the coach must contact the Admin Manager and provide the date, time & location of the game.  At least 48 hours notice is required, as a travel permit is required for ALL exhibition games (home and away).  Traditionally, PDMHA will cover the cost of the referees and timekeepers for one home exhibition game per team each season.


Tournaments (Not applicable for the 2020-21 season):

Once a team decides to enter a tournament, the Admin Manager must be informed of the tournament dates, location and sanction/permit number, regardless of whether the tournament conflicts with an already scheduled game/practice or not.  A travel permit is required to enter any tournament, including one hosted by PDMHA.  To enter a tournament outside the OMHA, there is a $20 fee for the travel permit.

Teams can request a tournament advance cheque from PDMHA in order to register for the tournament; the team is then required to repay the amount to PDMHA no later than 3 days after the completion of the tournament.

OMHA Tournament Listing

Jamborees (Not applicable for the 2020-21 season):

Jamborees are fun events for Initiation and minor novice teams, involving cross-ice or half-ice games in which no score nor standings are kept.  Novice teams can also take part in Jamborees before Jan. 15th each season, and then progress to tournaments after Jan.15th. In all cases, teams can participate in no more than a total of 3 jamborees/tournaments in one season.

All information stated above for tournaments also apply to jamborees.

OMHA Jamboree Listing

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