Plattsville 3on3 (Plattsville & District Minor Hockey)

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Get some friends together and join us for our fun 3-on-3 days! 

Participants should be aware that "Plattsville 3 on 3" tournaments are not sanctioned by Plattsville & District Minor Hockey, nor OMHA. Tournaments are convened by an independent group of volunteers, who generously donate proceeds back to PDMHA.  Thus, players do not have to be registered with a minor hockey association, but are expected to wear full equipment to participate (see the registration form).

For more information concerning the 3-on-3 fun days, please contact either John Scoyne or Trevor Baer, or email [email protected]

The specs:  6 players per team;  goalies shared;  minimum 4 games;  27min game length;  55 second shifts
The cost:  $40/player, lunch included

Parent volunteers to be on the bench for games will also be required - please contact John or Trevor if you are able to assist.

Next 3-on-3 Fun Day:

Friday Jan. 4 2019 - Teams & Schedule

Group 1

Team "A" Green          Team "B" Blue          Team "C" Orange         
Declan J Zander C Max G
Aiden G Hudson F Lavrett F
Mattie B Simon J Keaton V
Jake H Max D Dante S
Caleb H Noah H Maeve J


Group 1 Goalies:   X = Christian W,  Y = Dexter B,  Z = Declan J

Group 1 Schedule

A vs B @ 9:00am        Goalies X, Y
A vs C @ 9:30am        Goalies X, Y
B vs C @ 10:00am      Goalies Y, Z
A vs B @ 10:30am      Goalies X, Y
A vs C @ 11:00am      Goalies X, Y
B vs C @ 11:30am      Goalies X, Z

PIZZA LUNCH:  served at noon, upstairs


Group 2 Teams

Team "A" Green           Team "B" Blue           Team "C" Orange          
Shawn D Gabe S Lincoln F
Carter M Felix IB Martin W
Zack B David C Tom A
Karter B Tyson B Sammy C
Brandon F James R Logan B


Group 2 Goalies:   X = Logan D, Y = Dexter B, Z = Devon L

Group 2 Schedule

A vs B @ 2:30pm      Goalies X, Y
A vs C @ 3:00pm      Goalies X, Z
B vs C @ 3:30pm      Goalies Y, Z
A vs B @ 4:00pm      Goalies X, Z
A vs C @ 4:30pm      Goalies X, Y
B vs C @ 5:00pm      Goalies X, Z

PIZZA:  served after last game, upstairs

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