PDMHA Good Deeds Cup 2023-24 (Updated Timeline), News (Plattsville & District Minor Hockey)

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Nov 02, 2023 | Tina Balfour | 744 views
PDMHA Good Deeds Cup 2023-24 (Updated Timeline)
We are launching our Annual PDMHA Good Deeds Cup volunteer effort and competition!

Below are details on the program, including a full updated timeline (entries are now open!) and how judging/winners are managed.

If you have any questions throughout the process or would be interested in judging, please reach out to Melissa Oakes for support.


PDMHA Good Deeds Cup Mission Statement

The Plattsville & District Minor Hockey Association's Good Deeds Cup has been created to focus on giving back and engaging with our community. The focus of giving is prominent throughout hockey, at all levels, and we want to advocate for this with our children. 

Hockey helps to foster and further develop key life skills including teamwork, collaboration, discipline respect, communication, and humility. As we work to support the development of these and other skills for our players, both on and off the ice, the Good Deeds Cup acts as a celebration of our community's warm, caring spirit.


Outline for the Competition

All teams have the opportunity to compete for a chance to win the Good Deeds Cup.

The focus is player involvement, so activities should be selected based on the age/capability of the team. Player & coach involvement is mandatory for teams competing, parent involvement is optional. Teams select the good deed(s) they would like to complete - this can be a single event/activity or multiple components.

Key Activity Outline: 

        November 1: Good Deed Cup is announced with a timeline for the competition (see below)

        November 1 – November 5: Teams register and then select (as a team) their good deed(s) HERE

        November 1 – December 22: Good deeds are completed

        December 25 – January 5: Teams submit Good Deeds summary and video for judging 

        January 8 – January 12: Judges review all content and complete voting for all teams

        Following January 12: Winners are selected and announced

o    Details on the event for announcement are TBC


All teams are welcome & encouraged to enter their good deed(s) to the Ford Drills and Skills competition by their contest deadline of December 8th.



Outline for Judging

        We will have eight judges for the cup, each judge has equally weighted votes to select the winner:

o    Two members of the Executive Committee (holding an active role in the Executive Board for PDMHA)

o    Two members of the hockey parent community (Child currently registered in PDMHA)

o    Two members of the Plattsville community (Not directly associated with PDMHA ex: child registered in the program or member of Exec Board)

o    Two youth members of the community (18 or younger and not an active player for PDMHA)


Outline for Winning

Voting is organized into two “divisions” to ensure scoring expectations are adjusted based on age.

         Junior Hockey Heroes (Learn to Skate through U9 teams)

         Senior Hockey Heroes (U11-U15)


There is one winning team (and two runner-up teams) selected based on this scoring. Weighted scoring criteria includes:

         Impact on the community


         Team involvement


Winning Team Prizes:

        Team name on our “Good Deeds” cup

        Player medallion for each contributing player 

        Team celebration

        A poster highlighting the winning team

        Meet the Mayor event


2nd & 3rd Place Teams:

        A poster highlighting the runner-ups 

        Meet the Mayor event


All competing teams

        A shout-out at the end-of-year event for their contributions to our community


We look forward to seeing the great contributions to our community from each team!